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The title says it all. I didn't mean to be a garbage bag girl-or a bag lady. It happened horribly, much to my surprise. You could call it living in a "plastic world", a true horror story without a happy ending.
In the beginning my clothes started to be uncomfortable. Scratchy, irritating, and then there was something strange happening. I was getting actual bites. Naturally I washed my clothes, but it didn't help. Whatever it was seemed to spread at breakneck speed.

All my clothing was infected with something absolutely awful. I checked the internet and the closest thing I could find that matched seemed to be body lice, which live in clothing. I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed easy to get rid of. Wash clothing in very hot water. I had done that. So I started boiling my clothes.

The problem was that even using a large spaghetti pot you can only fit one pair of jeans in there at a time. And I'm a small person. I spent hours boiling clothes, lugging the dripping clothing down the hall to the dryer and drying them. I did it late at night. I didn't want anyone to know I had lice. That makes you seem unclean.

Unfortunately, all the boiling didn't work. Whatever I had spread to my bed. I was getting stinging bites, that felt like jabs with a red hot needle, all over, all night long. Everywhere, my limbs torso, even my scalp. I couldn't sleep. I moved to the couch to sleep, but they had invaded there too. I thought it had to be some vicious type of bug, so I bombed my apartment with several bug bombs. It seemed to help for a couple of days. Then they were back!

Finally I went to a doctor at an urgent care facility. I had always been so healthy I didn't even have a general care doctor. This doctor saw the bites on my skin. I thought it was strange that he didn't get near me. He stood across the room. He prescribed lindane, which I later learned is a neurotoxin.

I spread this goo all over myself. I thought it would at least keep the bugs away. It didn't. It didn't seem to do anything. That was the first of many doctors. Dermatologists were the worst!

They'd look at the skin, and obviously something was wrong. Then they would tell me to use a soothing cream and to stop scratching myself. Finally, a friend of my mother's, a nurse, looked at my skin and said scabies. She was right. A doctor diagnosed it. Permethrin cream helped. But in a few weeks it was back again.

The doctor said that was impossible. I had scabies for about two years. I was finally able to talk to a specialist in Florida. She told me that the eggs don't hatch for two weeks, and doctors tell you to use it once, then again seven days later. But the eggs are still inside the skin after the seven days. They have another whole week before they hatch. When I used the permethrin cream correctly the scabies was gone.

I had to throw away most of my clothes. They were too infected, caused too much pain. I cried for about two hours when I threw away my grandmother's shawl. She wore it around her shoulders whenever she went somewhere nice. I adored her and loved the shawl because it reminded me of her. It didn't hurt so much to get rid of my bed, couch, and all upholstered furniture.

My car was also infected so badly that I was afraid to drive it. I would be driven to distraction myself, by the stinging bites. I washed the car. Had it detailed. Bombed it. And finally let it die. I couldn't bring myself to get inside anymore. My clothes were a huge problem.

My skin or the environment in the apartment caused them to be reinfected, again and again. Each piece of clothing was washed and put in a separate plastic bag, but reinfection and pain would begin again, rapidly.

That was the start of being a bag lady...

Wearing nothing is awful, even when you're alone. So I cut arm holes and a neck hole in a large plastic garbage bag. It was warmer, covered me completely. One wall in my living room is mirrored tile. I walked over after dawning my new apparel. Not too bad. A thick belt and it could be a shiny black dress.

Well that's stretching it a bit. Anyway, I was already sleeping on a plastic air bed on the floor. And I used plastic disposable gloves because I seemed to spread the infection whenever I touched anything. One thing helped, and that was an enzyme shampoo for lice. It didn't help my infected skin, but it did help clear up the apartment, so that I wasn't getting bites all the time.

I sprayed the walls, carpets, ceiling, inside all cabinets. I covered the entire house every day for weeks. I was exhausted from vacuuming twice a day, washing the floors every day and washing clothes. In the first few years I went through five vacuums. But the exhaustion was not normal.

It felt like I had the flu all the time. I had to quit my two jobs. One was working with children. I was so afraid I would give this terrible plague to someone else. Depression set in. I was being tortured by something I couldn't see. I had ordered so much of the enzyme shampoo that I became friends with the entomologist who ran the company.

I asked him how something so small I couldn't even see it could cause such painful bites. He said that the enzyme they used to penetrate the skin caused the pain. It felt like splattering burning oil on the skin. I wanted my life back. If I couldn't have it back, I could certainly take it.

It was easy to get drugs over the internet. I figured the best thing would just be to go to sleep and never wake up. It was do-able, but I had a sweet dog and I didn't want to abandon her. And my family would be so hurt. So I kept putting it off. I found an internet site where there were others afflicted like me.

After four years some people were being diagnosed with Lyme disease. I got the test. Positive for Lyme and Babesia, a co-infection of lyme. Suddenly doctors were treating me with respect. I was given antibiotics. But by that time, with four years of a bacterial blood infection, Lyme, I was so sick that I was given disability from the state, even though doctors I knew said I wouldn't get it, impossible in California where they deny there is any Lyme disease.

I found I also had entamoeba histolycica, blastocyctis hominis, and toxoplasmosis. Another strange thing started happening. My skin was extruding material. I have no idea what it is. Mostly it is white and fibrous. Sometimes the material is green. Sometimes it is shaped like a piece of rice. Sometimes very round. Sometimes it is brown.

Sometimes it looks like little sticks. And it hurts when it comes out. It comes out of my hands and arms and legs and especially my back. I don't think there is any part of my skin that does not have this material. So I concluded that there is something living in my skin. I do feel movement. And there is a strange type of communication.

If I wipe my neck with a towel sprayed with alcohol, there is an immediate movement I will feel in other parts of my skin. It also gets in your hair, so you have to wash it every night. And it will get in your eyelashes. The stuff falls into your eyes and it feels like scratching, moving sand. I noticed my teeth were decaying and my eyesight was getting worse.

Another horrible thing is that I will infect things I touch. I have ruined so many computer keyboards that now I will never touch one without wearing disposable plastic gloves. Washing the hands doesn't remove whatever it is that is inside the skin. It must be sticky and it must grow because it will get inside the keyboard, and the keys eventually fail to work.

This infection doesn't just affect the skin. I have terrible gastrointestinal problems. I got cancer. I believe my body was just overwhelmed and couldn't fight it off. Ten years have passed. I am totally broke. Spent all money on doctors who dismissed my symptoms as delusional.

Missed most holidays with my family.

Missed watching my nieces and nephew grow up.

My sister wouldn't even let me in her house for three years, so I spent Christmas and Thanksgiving all alone.

I've lost most of my friends, I am afraid to let them in my apartment in case they will get the infection.

I am too sick to work.

I still wear plastic bags.

This disease is called Morgellons...

(Pam, California, July 2010)


Here is my sad story...

All started when I had for many years terrible joint pain in my knees. I had two torn minis uses in both knees and had surgery to repair the torn minis uses. This alleviated the pain but the doctor said the arthritis was so bad in both knees that because of the loss of cartilage I needed knee replacement surgery. By this time I couldn't walk up or down steps without help and the pain kept me bedridden and I didn't walk much.

I knew I would die on the operating table if I had replacement knee surgery because at this point after having retired I became chronically I'll with vomiting, nausea, poor or no appetite. If my husband hadn't made me a protein drink everyday I would have died because I had lost all muscle mass and lost 30 pounds. I knew I had candida albicans and had testing done for 400$ by a naturopath to test the vitality of my cells.

Out of 100 being the highest my vitality was 5. I was totally infected in every organ with candida and was completely mineral and nutrient deficient. I tried to go on her very demanding protocol of vitamins, herbs etc. but couldn't keep it up. Then we got bed bugs in NY. We spent 5,000$ to try to get rid of them but unsuccessfully I kept being bitten for two years. One morning I woke up and found strange black particles on my bed. I thought they were some kind of bed bug eggs. Then the sores and biting and crawling sensations came.

My chest and legs and back became covered with lesions that hurt like glass being pierced into my body. I thought at this point that it was mites. No exterminator deals with mites do we finally found a laboratory that tests the samples you send them. This was after 2 years of terrible pain and suffering. The worst part of the day was starting at 6 pm when they would start biting ferociously. I washed the floors and walls down with chlorine bleach every nite to try to get rid of them.

Nothing worked! Finally when we got the sample results back the lab said they were inorganic material, not mites. I went to my friend at the health food store and told him I had been to dermatologists who also did a biopsy and didn't find mites but gave me no help. A doctor in the emergency room threw me out of the hospital when he took me into the examine room and he then got bitten from something on me. He simply kicked me out of the hospital. Anyway a health food store owner said maybe it's Morgellons. I went on the Internet and it was suggested that I buy a 10$ handheld microscope from radio shack.

I did and what I saw under my skin scared me to the point of wanting to kill myself. I saw all the pictures you see on the Morgellons websites. The blue and red fibers with silver tips. Silver colored skin underneath. Bunches of fibers over white diamond shaped objects. Everything. I went on Carnicom's site and read his 65 page thesis of how Morgellons meets the criteria for a disease that eventually kills you. At the end of the article he lists the five steps that finally lead to death and he said in his paper that there is no cure!!

What a dude, how can he claim such devastating things? He is not even a scientist or physician!!

I thought there must be some cream to help ease the pain from the sores and lesions and discovered about DSP cream. Couldn't find a place to buy it in America but found a site in Germany from Marc Neumann. I ordered the cream and other remedies from him and on the top he emailed me back to get Lyme testing and even gave me a list of a doctors in NY. I found one who took Medicare in Mt. Misconduct, New York. I got an appointment immediately and sent for the IGENEX test from Palo Alto in California.

My test showed positive for three bands on the Western-Blot and several indeterminate. But even before the tests came back my doctor put me on Doxycycline immediately. Previous to that I was experiencing shortness of breath, terrible chest pains, tachycardia , panic and anxiety attacks, brain fog, memory loss, insomnia and chronic fatigue plus the swelling in my knee joints and ankles. Well, very soon after taking Doxycycline my chest pains stopped. I no longer had tachycardia, no panic attacks, I could go up and down steps almost normally.

The pain in my joints and the swelling in my knees went away (without any surgery!) and since using DSP cream my skin has cleared up to the point where I don't have to bathe 5 times a day to get some relief. My skin doesn't hurt anymore. There are still scars from previous damage but even they are getting better. Marc has literally saved my life by coincidence because I was crying from pain for two years with no help and I thought I was going to die.

I already called my family and friends and said goodbye. Bought a burial plot and even contemplated suicide since I had no more quality of life and did not want to do anything. I was ready for a nursing home where at least they would prepare meals for me. I had become a total recluse never going out, not returning phone calls to friends or family, a big case of malaise. Oh I didn't tell you the worst thing, after spending thousands of dollars on. Enders and gum surgery, very very painful. Everyone of my teeth became infected at the gum level and had to be extracted one by one.

Then I couldn't talk or eat. Lost so much bone that I could only and still only wear a top denture. So no more eating meat or apples. Communicating without teeth just exhascerbated my inability to eat or talk making me even more isolated. Isn't this a great story? If I had just 10 years earlier the information that most of my symptoms were actually related to Lyme disease, as Marc told me, I still would have all my teeth and more....

Well, Marc also gave me hope that I wouldn't die from Morgellons and I did read his website and bought nutritional supplements started doing Rife machine treatments, taking herbal detox remedies and I am feeling almost normal, almost, again. Have become interested in life again, started writing my memoirs, communicating with many people through email. I don't like Facebook at all. I prefer my correspondence to be intimate and private. I started going to health club sauna and steam. As you can see I am feeling hopeful that I will live and I want to do so many things that I can't keep up with myself. With Clifford Carnicom weird claims I just lost all hope before having had contact to Marc!

I still have chronic fatigue and terrible insomnia. Nothing can get me to sleep. I worry about this the most. How long can one go without sleep? I've tried everything and am now using Andrew weil's meditation and breathing tapes. This will take time and patience. Many people with Lyme have insomnia, particullary when using antibiotics in the fight. I have started taking coffee enemas which I love and I read someone's Lyme battle story where the coffee enemas help her sleep. They do make me feel relaxed.

I don't know how long I have had Lyme disease but I read that it causes miscarriages. For the first ten years of my marriage I was pregnant 14 times and always went into premature labor. Even after being bedridden for 9 months I had a baby girl who was born in the 29 th week and after having a cesarean, she lived 10 minutes and died due to premature lungs. That same year I was pregnant and carried 27 months and went into labor again, this time it was a boy and he lived 12 hours, but died also from premature lungs.

When I look back I think was this all due to Lyme disease? There was nothing wrong with the babies, no any abnormalities I just couldn't carry to term and my doctors could find no reason with my physical condition. I had many many treatments, exploratory exams and testing. Nothing! I'm most angry at Lyme and uneducated doctors if it was because of this.

Well that is my sad story, sorry for writing so much. Maybe you can relate to some of my history. I also had mono in college once and Epstein Barr once. Otherwise I was healthy, a big athlete and bike rider and marathon runner and swimmer. My downfall started 7 years ago. If you want to contact me send an email to Marc, he will forward it to me. Just let me know what you have done about Lyme testing and nutritional supplements and so on...

(Barbara, NY, Brooklyn, August 2012)


My Morgellons Story:

In the early 2000 I was sent to the hospital by my GP for a test to see if I had anthrax poisoning. I had an outbreak of open sores on my leg and foot. I had been to Bulgaria for my holidays and I reckon I was bitten by an insect that would not heal.

One year later I had another outbreak of lesions on my leg and foot. My GP gave me a steroid cream to rub on after 4 weeks it started to heal up. I started to feel very tired and weak at that time I was working full time. I was coming home from work and preparing the evening for my family and as soon as I had cleaned up I was going to bed.
It was like I would die if I did not lie down. At this time I had another outbreak crystal like things on the wounds
but this time it was on my hand. Again I want to the GP and was given antibiotics and steroid cream.

In the year 2006 I woke up on Saturday morning at 6-30 am with a pain in my back and a feeling of weakness and an itching all over my body. As I stood out of bed something fell out of me into my PJs bottoms I stepped out of them and things were failing out of me like set jello’s about 8 in all. My husband drove to my mums and brought her to me they called a doctor when the doctor came to my house. She was very shocked she had never seen anything like the things that came out of me.

As a precaution the doctor decided to remove my womb . When the surgeon saw me after the operation he told me it was like something had attacked my uterus. It was so  swollen he had never seen anything like it. He thought it would relive the tiredness I was feeling.  But it didn’t. A year after this I started to have more outbreaks of itching and
crawling in my right hand this led to the open wounds with crystal like things on the wounds on my hand. Another visit to the doctor and more cream and antibiotics.

Seven months later I had another breakout this time I was sent to the hospital and they gave me a diagnosis of having shingle’s. They started me on a five day course of Famvier. I have had 4 outbreaks of so called shingles since then. My job could not wait to get rid of me it was like I was making them sick. I would turn up to work scratching and with open lesions on view. I lost my job but I think I would have had to leave any way because I had no energy any more even living was an effort for me During all this time I was having very debilitating aces and pains in my joints.

I had MRI scans for arthritis. I also had 2 operations on my knees to relive the swelling in them, and the pain this I still have I also have it in my shoulders, elbows, hands, and fingers. I take all sorts of pain killers for the pain. I now have the biting sensation in my feet and legs. I find a tablet called ZERTEX very good for easing down the itch and Solpadol helps with the pains. I am very badly scared from the outbreaks and a deep discoloration of the skin any where there were lesions.

My hands also seemed to have shriveled into looking like an old women’s hands. 6 Weeks ago I was sent to the hospital where a doctor for infectious disease has a clinic. He took a history of the outbreaks and lots of blood tests. I am awaiting the results for that in the meantime my daughter saw a programme on the TV about Morgellons and
e-mailed the information I was shocked I never herd of it before that day. I spent hours crying with relief for the first time I identified with something. I rand the infectious disease doctor and mentioned Morgellons he said he never herd of it. I than rang my GP and asked him he also said he never herd of it.

He looked up the net and said I did not sow all the symptoms of Morgellons because I was not claiming to see worms coming out of my flesh I explained I always thought that the threads were from clothing I would spend hours picking them off the soars.

(Bernadette, Irland, August 2010)


My Morgellons Disease Story:

December 2003: Tick bite, erythema migrans, doctor refused to treat saying it was an “allergic reaction” and 6 weeks later the Lyme symptoms began which have ranged from mild flu like symptoms to arthralgias, tachyarrhythmias, extended low grade fevers and body temperature depression (alternating), fatigue so profound I could not get out of a chair for 4 years. Inflammation with a CRP of 18.5, numerous hospitalizations ranging from a couple days to 10 weeks, neuroborreliosis, bartonellosis, babesiosis (micronti), brucellosis, various fungal infections, staph and strep.
August 2009: Beginning of Morgellon’s symptoms which include but are not limited to: 1). Various organisms coming out of skin lesions, mouth, ears, in stool, positive parasitic tests twice but organisms unidentifiable from Great Plains. Crawling/biting/itching sensations particularly in scalp (shaved head because of this), medial borders of scapulae, etc.   Worm like creatures, gnats, flies, etc., follow me around,  A small white insect that looked like a gnat exited a small open lesion on my forearm, white patches under the skin that send out stalks that travel all over the place.

Under the scope these fibers appear inorganic in that there are no discernable cell membranes, cellular organelles (ribosomes, vacuoles, golgisomes, nuclei, mitochondria, etc. (I have an advanced cell biology education).  My mouth, particularly the hard palate, has open productive lesions that exude things from dark specks to what appear to be worms or slugs up to ¾” or so in length with split tails, mouths, some appear alive, etc.

I have already lost 2 teeth despite excellent dental hygiene and care because an invasive organism penetrated the roots of the teeth above the gum line and literally exploded the roots of the teeth.  Right now teeth 10-13 are in jeopardy and I am having stabident, soft tissue and I.V. ozone injections every 5 days with some improvement.

Frequency diagnostic devices have detected DNA from a list of pathogenic bacteria, virii, nematodes, trematodes, etc,  I have lesions on my fingers, legs (especially below the knee),scalp, etc. The lesions are generally craterlike with a raised edge and central depression.  On my left calf a couple years ago a white worm of some sort awoke me from the rare sleep night because it was burrowing under the crater ridge of the lesion and emerging on the outside of the crater rim. 

When I gloved my hand and attempted to grab it to crush its head it opened its mouth and actually struck at my hand like a snake (you can see the open mouth). I have pulled what appear to be long red nematodes from my biceps and triceps some of which are 3 or more inches in length before they break. My L.L.M.D. has diagnosed me with Morgellon’s and is treating me with a broad range of supplements and anti-parasitics such as stromectol (Ivermectin), Biltricide, Mebendazole, Alinia, Pyrantel Pamoate and a host of others.

I do not currently take any antibiotics because I developed leaky gut after 3 years of oral antibiotics and 7 months of I.V. ceftriaxone (Rocephin), which seemed to precipitate the Morgellon’s.  Some of the fibers I extract from my skin appear to be fiber optic in that the fiber remaining in the skin flashes light and has been witnessed by numerous people.

Some of the fibers do not distort when exposed to open flame. Some of the fibers respond positively carbon dioxide gas.  If I exhale in the vicinity of an ex vivo fiber or open a bottle of seltzer water the fiber will actually “reach” in the direction of the exhalation or bottle of seltzer much like a plant grows toward the light. Ultraviolet radiation does not appear to effect the fibers. This is without a doubt the strangest, most frightening thing I have experienced. I have flare ups and sometimes it almost seems like these lesions/fibers/organisms are responding to some outside stimulus such as RF.

The most frustrating thing about all of it the treatment I have received from numerous health care institutions, one of them being the John Hopkins University Health system. I believe this is because of the vast amount of financial support received from the N.I.H. that these academic giants fear losing if they begin finger pointing at the government starting with the activities on Plum Island.  You can read between the lines and know what I mean.

(Ed, Maryland 2011)

Dr. Drottar`s Story about Morgellons

October 04, 2016

I am a physician who is disabled after a thirty-year history with Lyme disease and Morgellons. My symptoms first began in my 20’s. I am a life-long camper and have had tick bites several times, but never had a bullseye rash or any obvious acute Lyme illness. I developed knee problems as a very young adult, but the doctors called it “chondro-malacia patellae” and said it was probably related to a childhood fall with damage to my cartilage.
I began to develop skin lesions that came & went in my late 20’s. By age 36, in 1991, I developed multiple minor physical ailments, including depression. I was treated for depression, under various diagnostic names, with numerous medications (sometimes 3 types at a time) over the next 23 years, with variable response. By 2001 I had chronic fatigue, persistent skin lesions, severe depression, poor word & name recall, and periods of mental confusion (“brain fog.”).

It wasn’t until I began to have significant spatial disorientation, that my friend convinced me to have a Western Blot Lyme test done at IGenix Lab in Palo Alto, CA. I had to see Lyme specialists in CA, in order to get adequate treatment, because my doctors in Portland felt my test “did not meet CDC criteria of 5 positive bands,” so therefore this was simply a type of Munchausen’s disease-seeking.

I had aggressive Lyme treatments over the next several years, including 7 months of IV antibiotic therapy, however my Morgellons symptoms simply worsened during that time. I began to have the persistent sensation of crawlings with constant non-healing deep ulcerations, I had severe fatigue, endocrine dysfunction, delusions, and frequent brain fogs. I saw the fibers in several different forms. (I even had some extracted and analyzed by the local Naturopathic school.

Some were composed of simple keratin or gluco-polysaccarides. I looked for answers everywhere. I used Chinese herbal medicine; I had acupuncture; I used specialty creams & ointments; I saw specialists of every type; I did numerous forms of physical & psychiatric treatments; I bandaged & treated my skin twice every day. I worked full-time on my recovery with very limited success. I was interviewed by our local TV station and spent a lot of time online communicating with other Morgellons sufferers.

In 2009, I began work with a new psychiatric nurse practitioner and we did some very beneficial therapy together. In 2010, I began seeing Dr. Steven Harris in Palo Alto, CA. I also joined a weight loss support program and lost 110 pounds over the next 2 years. I began to improve. The lesions lessened. The abnormal sensations stopped. The delusions and pain seemed like distant dreams finally.

The last medication that seemed to finally cure me was an anthelmintic medicine used in tropical countries, but controlled by the CDC here in the USA. They will only release it for use in BIOPSY-proven infections. I took the Diethylcarbazine 200 mg. twice every day for over 2 years.

It is available (without prescription) online from veterinary supply websites in Australia or Canada. It was used for heartworm prevention, but the dosing is too inconvenient. Fortunately, it has not been abandoned. I took this medicine until I had been symptom-free for at least 6 months. I have now been off it for over 3 years with NO recurrence. I have occasional skin rashes still, but no non-healing ulcerations. I have found that these seem to be related to a gluten allergy. I have been tested and show “anti-gliadin antibodies,” which document that this is a true intolerance.

I am off all psychiatric medications and treatment. I have found that regular outdoor exercise (gardening, walking, hiking) seems to cure any mood disorder, fatigue, or body aches. I am able to maintain a normal body weight now, although I must watch my food choices. I have residual cognitive impairments with poor short-term memory, and terrible recall of all proper nouns (names—any type of name!) However, that seems to make me pretty average for my current age group. ;-) I feel happy, free, and joyous! I am socially & physically more active than I have ever been.

I am enjoying life more than I have since my very early adulthood. I hope that all of you who suffer either of these difficult illnesses will be able to search out the proper help to achieve your own cures. Never give up looking, hoping, and searching: you only have your whole life to “get it right.”

Beverly B. Drottar MD

Sharlene is one of the worst Morgellons cases (2007)

Desperately she contacted Vitaly Citovsky to get help from him after his publication "From Biology To Biotechnology" about Agrobacteria and Morgellons.

Sharlene suffers from different auto-immune diseases, Lyme, cancer and now also from an agrobacteria infection...

Check Sharlene`s latest skin pictures

Note: Agrobacterium tumefaciens (new name: Rhizobium radiobacter) might be the main pathogen of Morgellons disease!


Hello Marc, I am not sure if you want this info.

As you know I called Vitaly Citovsky last week to inquire about experiments on humans with agrobacterium tumefaciens. Even though his last report said that this bacteria could be spread to humans, he reputed now the fact in our conversation. So I checked out his book, "Agrobacterium, from biology to biotechnology" by Tzfira and Citovsky.

In his book it states that over 80 different non plant species can be transformed by 
Agrobacterium. Agrobacteria isn't restricted to eukaryotes. It is capable of transferring not only DNA but also proteins to host organisms. It genetically transforms several types of human cells. Human cancer cells along with neuron and kidney cells were transformed.

Also, I wrote to Joe Cummings who is a genetics professor at University of western ontario in Canada. Greenpeace told me to contact him. Attached is the info he sent me (
Agrobacteria and Morgellons). I wrote him back and told him about Citovsky`s reaction, that he denied the whole story about Agrobacteria and Morgellons, but no more answers camed back from Cummings...

As we have all been wondering about the legitimacy of the Morgellons study, I happened upon some interesting information. It seems that Bayer AG who is one of the largest Pesticide, Biotechnology and GM-producer in the world (see the Greenpeace site to review some of your countries fines} has a proven fraud relationship with Kaiser-Permanente. They also entered into partnership with Monsanto in May of 2008. Bayer also funded research for the Berkeley California labs where the smart dust technology was born. Monsanto supported the research done by Vitaly Citovsky.
Bayer CropScience is a world leader in the areas of crop protection, pest control, seeds and plant biotechnology. As a partner in the production of high-quality food, feed and fibers, the company offers comprehensive solutions for modern, sustainable agriculture and non-agricultural applications.
Bayer MaterialScience is one of the world's leading manufacturers of polymers and high-quality plastics. Apart from its polycarbonates and polyurethanes, this company's offering also includes innovative developments in the fields of coatings, adhesives, insulating materials and sealants. Principal customers are the automotive and construction industries, the electrical/electronics sector and manufacturers of sports and leisure articles, packaging and medical equipment.

Some additional information about big global players, the pesticide Mafia...

April 2003 Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline paid out 258 million in fines for defrauding the US Medical system by of providing discounted prices to Kaiser Permanente for their drugs and engaging in "private labeling" for the HMO, affixing different labels to their drug products. Read more here
So here we can see that Bayer who is one of the largest creators of gm products made with agrobacteria has a connection to Kaiser Permanente who is supposed to have no interest in the evaluation of Morgellons patients who mysteriously now have 
Agrobacterium and fungi in their bodies too. What`s about the autistic kids? Do you think Kaiser Permanente will discover any of us with this pathogens? No way!

Because the biggest pharmaceutical and pesticide company is actually "Bayer AG",  abd this company is paying them all to be quite. They do cover them literally with money, to avoid any uncomfortable question about their harmful products or else..Bayer was formerly also a part of IG-Farben in the 3th Reich!! Those who have produced Zyklon-B gas and more to kill quicker the jews in the concentration camps. Is this still their policy against humanity or not wanted people, as they do with herbs oAnother nice company...
On 17th December 2007 Monsanto was found guilty of contempt of the South African Advertising Authority (ASA) for publishing false claims about the safety of GM foods.

In January,2007, Monsanto was fined 15,000 euros (US$19,000 ) in a French court for misleading the public about the environmental impact of herbicide Roundup.

A former chairman of Monsanto Agriculture France was found guilty of false advertising for presenting Roundup as biodegradable and claiming that it left the soil clean after use. Monsanto’s French distributor Scotts France was also fined 15,000 euros.

In 2005 Monsanto was caught smuggling South African produced GM Bollgard cotton seed into Indonesia disguised as rice. Monsanto was fined for bribing Indonesian officials.

In 2006 Monsanto suppressed evidence of serious damage to the liver and kidneys of rats in their MON 863 GM maize trials until ordered to release this evidence by a German Court.

In June, 2007, a second peer-reviewed case involving another variation of Monsanto’s GM maize, namely, NK 603, has been shown by studies to be potentially toxic to humans. NK 603 has been approved for food, feed, processing, and propagation in Europe and the Philippines The new research, carried out by the French scientific research institute CRIGEN, involves biotech firm Monsanto’s NK 603 GMO corn (marketed commercially under the name Round-up Ready).

Rats that were fed GM maize showed significant differences in measurements, as well as significant weight differences compared to those fed with normal maize. Almost 70 statistically significant differences were observed and reported - 12 for hematology parameters, 18 for clinical chemistry parameters, nine for urine chemistry parameters, six for the organ weights (brain, heart, liver), 14 for body weights and body weight changes, and eight for food consumption. toxicity, The most alarming was the diminished brain size. Scientists warned that diminished brain size sent out a urgent danger warning for growing children fed `GM food.

Again in 2008 many trials against Monsanto, accusing them and Bayer too, to be also responsable for the die off of honey-bees. And so on...

German government has in 2009 forbidden by law the cultivation of Monsanto maize (Mon 810) in Germany!!
At least the German government (before elections) is much wiser then US government with their insane Monsanto
lobby. Now also other European countries will follow after Germany has started to ban Monsanto...And USA?

US Doctor`s association calls for Moratorium on GMO Foods by F. William Engdahl

In a just-released position paper on GMO foods, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) states that ‘GM foods pose a serious health risk’ and calls for a moratorium on GMO foods. Citing several animal studies, the AAEM concludes ‘there is more than a casual association between GMO foods and adverse health effects’ and that ‘GM foods pose a serious health risk in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health.’ The report is a devastating blow to the multibillion dollar international agribusiness industry, most especially to Monsanto Corporation, the world’s leading purveyor of GMO seeds and related herbicides.r insects?? Just spray all down what we don`t need!

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