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Biofilm Krankheitsbilder 5

morgellons hautwunden1

In addition to biofilm infection, autoimmune diseases can worsen the clinical picture

morgellons kopfwunden1

The body of this poor woman is overwhelmed with wounds that also heal very badly

morgellons körperwunden

In the worst time of her scalp inflammation,

nevertheless she did not give up and continued to fight on her own

After many painful years, a healing process of many wounds has gradually begun again

morgellons hautwunden2

Some wounds became smaller and even fancy hair grew back after

morgellons kratzwunden

In this woman's case, the pictures show open and badly healing wounds

morgellons wunde

Such super-infections can also be caused by scratching, due to unbearable itching


Such open wounds can be found in many sufferers after scratching

In some wounds bacteria are also involved, such as for example Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Disease Images Gallery

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