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Infection Statistic (Updated 2021)

Morgellons statistik diagram

On average, higher infection rates (female/male) between birth and puberty (0-12 years).
 and during the Andro- and menopause (40-50 years) and afterwards (60 -90 years).
Exceptions were middle-aged people with a weakened HPA stress axis and pre-existing conditions.

If you look at the top diagram, there is an increase in infections in the lower and upper part of life from a purely statistical point of view. There is quite a hormonal relationship and of course, also immuno-relevant aspects to catch an infection. From the gender ratio there are ca. 55-60% women affected and 40-45% men. Ca. 25-30% of the afflicted have been died already. Many committed suicide and quite a higher part died from cancer. Mostly from a very aggressive pancreatic cancer. (see also survey results)

The disease runs through all walks of life. From construction workers, cashiers, hairdressers, police officers, to psychologists, doctors, nurses and increasingly to artists such as painters, poets, actors, singers and dancers. As well as a very high number of emigrants, from Asians to Arabs, who suffered from permanent stress, since one is never accepted as a foreigner in a foreign country. But also other minorities, who are discriminated against because of their skin color and religion, or who have to pay for the mistakes of others.

Whether in an Arab background, everyone is being called terrorists, or now the Asians, because they are supposedly to blame for the spread of the Corona virus. It's just a daily, stressful struggle for survival, no matter which country you immigrated to. "Fear eats the soul!" The established citizens who had already immigrated in the past are harassing the new citizens, mostly out of fear of existence, but in principle both groups have the same goal - having a better future!

Back to the facts. The fact is that this new form of infection, caused by filamentous, biofilm-producing bacteria (FBB), is increasingly rampant in Europe and the US. So rather more in moderate temperature zones. There are currently little known infections in Africa and Central America, but they do exist, as in other tropical countries, since these bacteria are more likely to multiply at room temperatures.

They usually escape the usual laboratory examination. PCR tests also do not reveal anything if you don't have the naked bacterium in your blood. Furthermore, no usual infectious parameters can be measured (IgA, IgM, IgG, IgE, etc.) as these bacteria are embedded in a biofilm! Biofilm infections are multiplying more and more today, causing increasing problems for doctors and scientists.

At the moment, this disease is thought to affect about 200,000 people or more worldwide, including about 60,000 in the US alone, and a steady but slow increase continues (unaccounted dark figure for animals). The fact is that many sufferers have become infected in the United States or by returning U.S. travellers or goods, and that is where the disease originates. In the meantime, however, you can already get infected in any country.

As in the USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Lichtenstein.

As far as the European infestation figures are concerned, according to the M-R-O findings, there is an incidence of 10 people per 100,000 persons, about 8000 infected persons (as of 2020) in every country. The trend is increasing! This does not include people who have no idea about their illness and have been misdiagnosed with allergies, shingles, or DOP, etc. You just can't blame doctors because biofilms are hard to diagnose. As far as the other countries are concerned, the situation is similar.

There are also many cases in eastern countries and the number of people affected is probably even higher there. Many poor people from rural Asian areas will probably never be properly recorded (India, China, etc.). Many don't even know they already have this infection. When one considers that, for example an infected prostitute, with or without a condom, does not recognize the disease immediately and is visited by many men a month and can therefore have a sphere of activity of thousands of people, included all family members of the suitors, then this is frightening, because they can then usually be infected.

One can also imagine that in the gay or prostitute community alone, the greatest spread/spread and infection will take place, since there is direct physical contact, as well as in hospitals, doctor's offices, massage parlours, hairdressing salons and retirement homes. But if no one is warned, whether by the press or the health authorities, then you cannot protect yourself from it.

No one has been fully cured so far, whether by mild or more aggressive agents such as chlorine dioxide (MMS), colloidal silver/gold, or petroleum, shale oil, etc. Antibiotics could partly improve symptoms, but it is not enough since the protective biofilm can only be penetrated by certain means in order to carry out a targeted antibiotic at the same time; depending on the type of bacteria.

Helpful remedies were unanimous, stress-reducing agents, anti-mast cell activation, anti-histamine, DAO, etc., natural cures, hormone treatments stress axis, antiseptics, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial creams, as well as lots of soap (saponins) for washing off sticky filaments.

According to the M-R-O survey, there is much more information about this disease, which is also confirmed by my own findings and assumptions. It is clear that most sufferers have undergone trauma or extremely long periods of stress before the disease, and some have also been genetically pre-stressed, especially toddlers and babies.

Many suffered from gastrointestinal problems such as ulcer, H. pylori, gastritis, reflux, etc. and metabolic, or hormonal diseases such as diabetes, pituitary/adrenal insufficiency, as well as various autoimmune diseases. Moreover,  after infection by these biofilm bacteria, they contracted Hashimoto, Sjogrens, Lupus, Renauld, etc., which is probably favoured by high stress states and elevated histamine levels due to the infection.

Some have also previously suffered from histamine intolerance, histaminosis, mast cell hyperactivity syndrome in attenuated form, and after the biofilm infection, these symptoms have intensified. Many sufferers suffered from a serious illness or often even a lifetime before this biofilm infection, such as  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTBS).

For example after years of rape by the father since the age of two, or beatings by violent parents. Others, in turn, suddenly lost their whole family, or were Vietnam, Gulf War, and Afghanistan veterans and had endured severe war experiences.

Yes, even a veteran of the Russian campaign contacted me, who had fought in Stalingrad and was later imprisoned in the Gulag for many years. One cannot simply forget such experiences through therapies, but only alleviate them. Actually, you live with it for a lifetime!

Scientists and doctors know that such traumas not only have a dramatic effect on the psyche, but can also manifest themselves somatically. In particular, hormonal and immuno-relevant aspects, which can lead to metabolic diseases and a changed biochemistry of the body, play a role.

I would like to stress that certain dramatic events have probably already been experienced by many people, even if they had a poor childhood, but nevertheless one is not immediately a candidate for psychiatry, even if one could perhaps react more sensitively in some respects because of one's experiences. Addressing this issue is, of course, a sensitive issue for all sufferers, as most doctors have already hastily declared them mentally ill and have been labelled 'DOP' as the diagnosis, and have not received any help with this disease then.

Nevertheless, I try to take up this topic, because I want to find the causes without hurting or discriminating against anyone, and certainly do not want to throw all the sufferers into the same "Freudian pot" as some psychiatrists would like! Many sufferers told me that they actually ended up in psychiatric care sometimes voluntarily out of desperation and depression, sometimes by briefing, including fixation and daily drug cocktails. What can I say? Anyone who has a different view and does not fit into the system is all too often locked away.

Don`t talk, don`t hear and don`t see anything if doctors won`t believe it!

The fact is, however, that psychosomatic/biochemical changes may occur depending on the strength of trauma. For some more, for others less. I have now had to deal with these sufferers for 16 years and have also made many friendships over the years, and most of those affected have behaved quite normally.

Of course traumatized by this infection, some are therefore prone to dramatizing which is actually normal behaviour in serious illnesses, but the doctor then overstates it. Of course, I have to admit that there were indeed some who suffered from psychiatric disorders. Were very aggressive and stubborn and no longer capable of self-knowledge.

Dealing with such sufferers is very difficult, but I still try to help. According to the motto - even mentally ill people may suffer from a bacterial infection, don’t they? And now such poor stressed individuals, whether humans or animals, become more ill with this new form of biofilm infection, due to a changed biochemistry (e.g. nitrostress, higher hormonal nitrogen production, histamine excess, cortisol deficiency),  this was exactly the real core point of my own research in order to investigate more in this regard.

Since bacteria love nitrogen, especially these biofilm bacteria, which are also called nitrogen-binding bacteria, host organisms that have a higher nitrogen production due to stress are preferred. Normally, colonization in humans and animals is rather rare. But when agro-companies take such nitrogen-binding bacteria out of the ground, process them (insert them into polymers) and then fill them in plastic bags and sell them in masses to farmers worldwide as bioinsecticides or nitrogen sources for the fields, then a worst-case scenario arises here, which changes nature and causes still unknown diseases!

To continue statistically, many of them were already suffering from various pre-existing conditions that cause stress before this biofilm infection, be it cancer, metabolic disease, diabetes or celiac disease, Chron's disease, histamine intolerance, bacterial infections (Lyme disease or similar) and many others that may indicate stress-related pre-events. In particular, suffered from pituitary or adrenal insufficiency. Too little cortisol is produced, which actually keeps a part of the immune system, i.e. histamine production, at bay with the enzymes DAO and MAO, etc.

Histamine is involved in sleep rhythm and many other physical processes. Too much histamine always brings restlessness, irritability, lack of sleep, swellings, thicker blood and headaches, brain fog, migraines and inflammation in the long run. According to my findings, histamine is the main cause that these ugly swellings and pustules etc. occur, let's say as an allergic reaction to bacterial enzymes.

However, this allergic reaction is not a typical allergy caused by an IgE-induced reaction! If you treated steroids, i.e. cortisone, for a few days with higher doses, all symptoms would disappear pretty quickly. But this is not permanent, as the bacteria would still be there, as in confirmation of my claims after self-testing!

Others may already be infected with these bacteria, but show fewer reactions because their immune system does not overreact and their hormonal HPA stress axis still works well. The hormonal system is closely intertwined with the immune system and if there is a malfunction somewhere, the whole system suffers from it, of course also the psyche -
Mens sana in corpore sano!

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